About Eworldwire: True News Wire Press Release Services

For 15 years, the service operated as EWORLDWIRE by U.S.-based World Internet Marketing Inc. has provided custom, boutique-style services to the public across the country and around the world.

What distinguishes us in our market is our exclusive concentration on the individual unique needs of business. For us, the small and growing business is not an afterthought - it is at the forefront of all of our activity. For us, there is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter delivery to be found in our approach. Every press release is addressed individually. Each distribution is handled on its own, without being bunched up or lost in a pack of others.

From the beginning, our goal has been focused on getting your press releases to the right sources and into the hands of the right media, because we know targeted media reach and public awareness campaigns result in the most effective response. Eworldwire press releases can be found through all major search engines, affinity Web site links, e-zine and print article publications, strategic newsgroup seeding, search engine and directory listing and positioning, and our service is complemented by other publicity methods, using our extensive contacts and databases.

World Internet Marketing Inc., the company that was founded on technology innovations, presents an unrivaled press release news wire delivery system. Rather than be dogged by technology, we pursued it from the start. Developed from the ground up, the team of talented business professionals - available at your fingertips - knows what works and what doesn't, and each team member is a resource and authority on a wide range of industries.

The range of services covers more aspects of a business' needs from one source - from the crafting of a targeted press releases by skilled writers with journalism experience, to development of an image from sharp designers who know how to communicate effectively with visuals. Get started today and learn what others have about working with our professionals.


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