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Global Recruiters Network - GRN
200 South Wacker Drive
Suite 1300
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06/16/16  GRN has Historic Month
01/17/14  Global Recruiters Network Launches Search Industry's First Suite Of Mobile Apps
01/17/14  Global Recruiters Network Lands in the Windy City
06/03/08  VIDEO AVAILABLE: GRN propels to the Top with 20 Quarters of Consecutive Growth
10/11/07  VIDEO / MEDIA AVAILABLE: INC. Magazine Recognizes GRN
04/13/07  VIDEO AVAILABLE: Global Recruiters Network Parent Company RFB Makes Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 500 List
01/19/07  VIDEO AND PHOTO AVAILABLE: GRN Surpasses $21 Million In 2006
08/18/06  VIDEO AVAILABLE: First GRN Franchisee Also Opens 100th
07/25/06  SPANISH PRESS RELEASE: GRN Experimenta Diez Trimestres De Crecimiento Consecutivo
07/21/06  VIDEO AVAILABLE: GRN Experiences Ten Quarters Of Consecutive Growth
04/20/06  MEDIA AVAILABLE: Global Recruiters Network's Quarter To Quarter Revenue Jumps 48 Percent
02/16/06  VIDEO/AUDIO AVAILABLE: Growing Economy Gives Global Recruiters Network Huge Growth Spurt In 2005
10/27/05  VIDEO AVAILABLE: GRN's Quarter To Quarter Revenue Increases 41 Percent
05/05/05  VIDEO AVAILABLE: GRN's Quarter To Quarter Revenue Increases 131%
01/26/05  Bob Angell Spreads Wings And Joins GRN's Advisory Board
01/13/05  Global Recruiters Network Rockets Into 2005 With 50th Office
04/14/04  Staffing Industry Veteran Steve Fogelgren Joins GRN
04/12/04  GRN Opens 25th New Office In First Year
10/27/03  Global Recruiters Network - GRN Opens 10 New Offices
10/20/03  Global Recruiters Network-GRN Opens 10 New Offices