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Explore Mars, Inc
100 Cummings Center
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05/05/15  Explore Mars Announces Publication of the First Annual Humans to Mars Report
02/06/15  Time Capsule to Mars: Student-Led Mission to Mars Completes Systems Architecture Study at MIT, Reports Explore Mars Inc.
11/26/14  Georgia Tech Helps Advance Time Capsule To Mars: Collaborative Mission of Explore Mars to Land
09/08/14  Computer Modeling Supports ExoLance Concept Of Search For Life Below The Surface Of Mars, Reports Explore Mars Inc.
08/01/14  Explore Mars Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Fund Search For Subsurface Martian Life
03/19/14  April 22-24: Explore Mars Collaborates With Uwingu on Humans to Mars Summit
11/12/13  Explore Mars Lends Support to Inspiring Future Generations of Space Explorers
08/21/13  April 22-24, 2014: Humans To Mars Summit Announced by Explore Mars
02/29/12  April 12-13: International Space Station And Mars Conference Presented By Explore Mars Inc. And International Space University
07/12/11  Nov. 9-10: Explore Mars Presents The Women And Mars Conference
09/13/10  Explore Mars Launches The Mars Education Challenge
07/15/10  NASA Budget Plan Compromise by Senate Commended by Explore Mars
06/29/10  Aerojet Agrees to Become a Founding Sponsor of Explore Mars
06/28/10  Aug. 23: Mars Education Challenge Launched by Explore Mars and Boosted by Aerojet Sponsorship