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Company Information :
ProSTEP, Inc.
P.O. Box 5678
1008 Airport Rd.
Destin, Florida 32540
Ph. 850-654-4444
Fx. 850-650-2375

Media Contacts:
Kevin A. Lehmann
ext. 100

ProSTEP, The International Leader In Network Marketing Lead Generation And Training And Support For The Past Ten Years, Goes Direct Sales As Of May 1, 2004

For Immediate Release

DESTIN, Fla./EWORLDWIRE/April 22, 2004 --- ProSTEP's decision to become a direct sales and marketing company comes after three years of contemplation by Kevin A. Lehmann, President/CEO of ProSTEP, Inc.

"For the past three years, the override compensation plan has been doing more harm than good and only 10 percent of the actual membership has been utilizing the compensation plan," said Lehmann. In a changing market place, Lehmann was firm in his decision to do what was best for the changing needs of marketers and ProSTEP Corporate in order to gain market share and remain the undisputed leader in lead generation, training/support, and marketing communications.

The current business model impedes ProSTEP from maintaining its competitive edge in the marketplace due to many network marketing companies disallowing their independent distributors to use ProSTEP services for fear of competition due to their MLM compensation plan. In an international conference call, Lehmann sincerely apologized to network marketers that were still dependent on the residual income from ProSTEP for any adverse affects the decision might have on them. But with lower prices and higher up-front commissions, network marketers, as well as new clients, will be able to bask in the benefits of the high referral fees and lower costs of the products and services.

As a result of these changes prices will be cut, override commissions will be eliminated, and a large increase in immediate referral fees will be paid. In addition, the current products will be offered individually and in bundled packages. New products and services will also be announced June 1.

The reduced monthly bundled package pricing are as follows: Supreme $650.00, Imperial $350.00, Royal $175.00, and Rookie $79.00. The new sales commissions (formerly known as quick pays) for these packages have been increased to Supreme $500.00, Imperial $200.00, and Royal $100.00. No commissions are paid on the Rookie package.

Each bundled package offers a progressively higher number of leads and services depending on the needs of its clients. Bundled package product offerings will remain along the same lines as that of the former membership product offerings, except for TV and Radio leads which will be sold separately.

Along with the other changes, ProSTEP announced that they will be eliminating all but one kind of Internet generated lead, which will be an exclusive ProSTEP, branded and trademarked form-filled lead as of July. Moreover, ProSTEP is aggressively using national TV and radio to generate the highest quality prospects available. This is being done through a thirty-minute Network Marketing TV infomercial, sixty-second TV commercials and sixty-second radio commercials offering viewers a free CD on Network Marketing.

For updated information and rates, visit www.prostepinc.com. Questions and inquiries can be directed to smd@prostepinc.com or call 850-654-4444 ext. 100

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Kevin Lehmann
ProSTEP, Inc.
P.O. Box 5678
1008 Airport Rd.
Destin, FL 32540
PHONE. 850-654-4444
FAX. 850-654-2375
EMAIL: smd@prostepinc.com

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