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Company Information :
Landport Systems
1630 North Main Street
Suite 116
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Ph. 800-715-1446
Fx. 925-949-8037

Media Contacts:
Jeff Langner
VP Sales

Trigate Deploys Landport Online Property And Facilities Management System

Landport Systems fully automates tenant, property manager and service provider interactions for leader in real estate services.

For Immediate Release

PITTSBURGH/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 8, 2004 --- Trigate, a real estate property management and leasing firm, today announced that it has selected Landport's online property management system for its properties, clients and service providers. Landport is the pioneer in automated property and facilities management systems. Trigate is fully operational with Landport.

Managing distributed, multi-tenant office properties is an ongoing challenge for virtually all property managers. As organizations like Trigate audit and assess their physical infrastructure and the needs of their tenants, many are looking to automation as a way to improve productivity and reduce property management costs. Automation is essential to meeting key business challenges such as facilitating good communication between tenants, vendors and building managers, minimizing overhead for service requests, addressing safety concerns, attending to preventative maintenance and closing work orders quickly and efficiently.

Landport is an Internet-Driven(TM), automated property and facilities management system that fully automates tenants, property manager and service provider interactions. Landport enables tenant/manager and manager/service provider transactions such as preventive maintenance and work order management. Landport provides tenants with the ability to report problems and request services using their Web browsers. Property managers and service providers are immediately notified, allowing them to quickly take action.

"While managing over 23 buildings and nearly 130 tenants, we certainly needed a tool to streamline our maintenance service. Landport works great with our in-house maintenance staff as well as outside vendors," said Lisa Boyle, director of operations.

Landport dramatically improves productivity and time-to-results, while reducing the significant overhead of time and money. Landport enables property managers to provide more timely, higher-quality service. The result is significantly reduced costs, higher productivity and satisfied tenants. Landport is ideal for property managers, facility managers, preventive maintenance management, janitorial and contractor services, facilities maintenance companies and on-site facilities staff.

About Trigate
Established in 1999, Trigate Inc. is a full-service property management company based in downtown Pittsburgh. Trigate provides property management and leasing, consulting, construction management and project development services. The company's management focus is toward local investors and/or organizations with long-term real estate interests in the Pittsburgh area. Most of Trigate's clients are owners of multiple buildings.

About Landport
Landport Systems has developed a powerful online property and facilities management system designed to help property managers, facilities managers and service providers increase their productivity and efficiently manage their time and resources. Landport's system dramatically improves property and facility management, enabling managers and service providers to reliably and effectively manage more and larger properties, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and offer consistent, high-quality service at a lower cost. The company is privately held and based in Santa Clara, Calif.

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Jeffrey Langner
Landport Systems, Inc.
2969 Marietta Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95051
PHONE. 925-949-7693 / 510-326-7183
FAX. 925-949-8037
EMAIL: jlangner@landport.net

Michael E. O'Donnell
Executive Vice President
Trigate, Inc.
PHONE: 412-391-2999
FAX: 412-391-3663
EMAIL: modonnell@trigateonline.com

KEYWORDS: facilities, management, work, order, property

SOURCE: Landport Systems, Inc.


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