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Company Information :
1 Zoe St
San Francisco, California 94107

Ph. 415-543-7000

Media Contacts:
Michael Cirrito


VIDEO AVAILABLE: Former Reprise Records President Howie Klein Joins JamBase.com

For Immediate Release

SAN FRANCISCO/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 2, 2005 --- JamBase.com, one of the leading providers of tour date and concert information on the Web, today announced the addition of Howie Klein to its Board of Directors.

A venerable music industry veteran, Howie Klein brings 40 years of experience to the company board. Commenting on this appointment, Andy Gadiel, founder and CEO, said, "We are proud and ecstatic that Howie has made a commitment like this to JamBase. Howie's reputation in the industry is that of a true artist's advocate; his input and guidance will be extremely important as JamBase expands beyond our current genre niche focus."

Like many in the music business, Klein got his start booking bands while a student at SUNY Stony Brook in the late 1960s. However, unlike most young student talent buyers, he booked the entire gamut of the psychedelic era's top artists including Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Who and Pink Floyd. Klein eventually relocated to San Francisco where, in addition to co-founding the nation's first FM punk radio show (The Outcaste Hour on KSAN), he also started 415 Records. He has been a cornerstone presence in the record industry ever since applying his trademark focus on "long-term artist development" at Columbia, Sire and eventually Reprise Records.

Klein's last official post in the music industry was as president of Reprise, the AOL / Time Warner label that is home to such marquee artists as Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed and Green Day. Having found that his focus on the long term artist had become antithetical to an overly commercialized record industry, Klein had since moved on to education, public speaking, and devoting more time to progressive political activism.

About JamBase
Established in 1998, JamBase is the premiere location for live music and concert information on the Web. With a focus on the sweeping and dynamic Jamband genre, JamBase contains a comprehensive tour date search engine for over 15,000 live shows by over 8,000 bands playing in over 20,000 venues around the world. More than just a database, JamBase has evolved into the community hub that each month connects over a half million fans of improvisational music. JamBase exists to connect music fans everywhere with the music they love.

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Michael Cirrito
San Francisco, CA 94107
PHONE. 415-543-7000
EMAIL: marketing@jambase.com

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