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Minuteman Support Services, LLC

Company Information :
Minuteman Support Services, LLC
534 Forristall Road
Rindge, New Hampshire 03461
Ph. 603-899-6667
Fx. 603-899-6667

Media Contacts:
Mark Carbone
603.899.6667 ext.6

Minuteman Support Services Extends Corporate Level Helpdesk Support To Home Users And Small Business

New remote helpdesk services available to residential consumers and small businesses

For Immediate Release

FITCHBURG, Mass./EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 16, 2005 --- In February, 2004 Minuteman Support Services, LLC launched its new remote helpdesk service. This new service provides residential computer users and small businesses with the same features of a large, corporate helpdesk system.

"Because Broadband communication has become the predominant method of connecting to the Internet, I saw it as an opportunity to mimic the corporate IT/helpdesk support methodology and extend it to any individual or small business who does not benefit from an expensive, corporate IT support infrastructure. We provide an online helpdesk ticketing system and utilize remote desktop technology to reach out to our customers over the Internet, regardless of where they are in the world, and work on their computers in an efficient and timely manner. It isn't any different from how a private, corporate helpdesk functions," Daniel Barnes, founder and COO, said about the service.

Remote desktop technology allows a technician to connect to any Microsoft based PC or laptop. The technician can take over the mouse and keyboard, view the customers computer the same way the customer sees it. The technician can then work on the computer remotely, in real-time, as long there is a working Internet connection.

"Remote Desktop Technology is not a new concept. This technology has been used for years within private, corporate networks to assist telecommuters, traveling executives and remote personnel. This support methodology is tried, tested and proven to be an extremely safe, secure and efficient method of providing computer support. Typically, when an employee is away from the office and they need assistance, they either submit a 'trouble ticket' via the corporate helpdesk Web site or they call a central toll-free phone number. A technician responds to the call, connects to the computer over the corporate VPN and troubleshoots the laptop or PC. We offer the exact same service on a larger scale, minus the need for a VPN," co-founder and CIO, Mark Carbone said.

Initially, a client needs to register as a new user at http://www.minutemansupport.com. When a registered client experiences a computer problem, they log into the Web site. The client then chooses "Create a New Case" from the pull down menu and clicks on the "Go" button. Then he or she enters a brief problem description. A technician is paged immediately and responds to the new case. The pull down menu allows a user to create a new case, show all past and present cases, show only open or closed cases or update the user registration in case any contact information changes. If there is no working Internet connection, the user can call a toll-free number and have a technician dispatched anywhere within the country.

"As the push for a mobile society grows, so grows the need for professional mobile computer support," Barnes added.

This rings true for many entrepreneurs as they travel across the country connecting to various networks in hotels, coffee shops and even airports. They are often left to rely upon unfamiliar technicians to work on their equipment or remain out of commission until they can have a familiar face work on their system.

"Now, an individual can utilize the same computer support company no matter where they are in the world," Carbone said.

There are tremendous benefits to residential consumers as well. Having their computers serviced remotely means no strangers in their homes. This also means that consumers don't need to pack up their computers and take them to a service depot. Minuteman Support Services is extremely flexible with their residential customers. The company allows customers to schedule a support session that accommodates their busy schedule.

Carbone noted that security would probably be a big issue for prospective clients. Carbone assured prospective clients that their computers were safe with Minuteman Support services.

"Right now the notion of remote support seems to be a leap of faith for most businesses because they don't truly understand its benefits and security is a natural concern. The reality is that it is physically impossible for our technicians to arbitrarily connect to anyone's computer without their explicit consent to do so. The customer has to initiate the support session and during the initialization period, they can choose to grant full access to the technician or 'view only' permissions where our techs can talk a client through a session," Carbone said.

More information about Minuteman Support Services is available at http://www.minutemansupport.com. Minuteman also offers free demonstrations.

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Daniel Barnes
Fitchburg,MA 01420

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SOURCE: Minuteman Support Services, LLC


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