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Minuteman Support Services, LLC

Company Information :
Minuteman Support Services, LLC
534 Forristall Road
Rindge, New Hampshire 03461
Ph. 603-899-6667
Fx. 603-899-6667

Media Contacts:
Mark Carbone
603.899.6667 ext.6

Minuteman Support Services Offers Remote Computer Support To The Marine Industry

For Immediate Release

FITCHBURG, Mass./EWORLDWIRE/March 21, 2005 --- Thousands of marinas across the country are embracing wireless Internet technology and offering Wifi Internet access to boaters. The ability to connect to the Internet while visiting various marinas leaves a vast computer support gap for boaters. Minuteman Support Services is bridging this support gap for boaters who take advantage of Wifi Internet connections.

Remote support technology has been used for years within private, corporate networks to assist telecommuters, traveling executives and remote personnel. Remote computer support is tried, tested and proven to be an extremely safe, secure and efficient method of providing computer support.

When asked about remote computer support, Daniel Barnes, founder and COO of Minuteman Support Services said, "Remote computer support allows our skilled computer technicians to access any Windows-based PC or laptop, take control of the mouse and keyboard and resolve most problems in real-time, without ever having to board a boat or intrude upon the privacy of the marina."

Remote computer support offers many benefits to the marine industry. With companies like Sea Tel, Inc. offering satellite data connections on the open waters, remote companies such as Minuteman Support Services can reach out to larger vessels that may be out to sea for days at a time and would otherwise have to wait until they got into port to have a computer analyzed.

Daniel Barnes added, "Remote computer support is a solution that is rapidly gaining nationwide recognition and acceptance as a viable computer support model that offers many benefits to small businesses and the general consumer."

WiFi-enabled marinas across the country may want to establish relationships with a remote computer support company. It is natural progression that transient boaters who utilize Wifi connections will start to ask the front desk or harbormaster if the marina knows of a computer support company that can help them when they have a computer problem.

Don’t be left high and dry when it comes to computer support on the open water. Whether you are an individual boater or a marina wanting to offer value-added services to your boaters companies like Minuteman Support Services is a solution worth looking into.

You can learn more about Minuteman Support Services at www.minutemansupport.com or by calling 866.239.1250.

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Daniel Barnes
Minuteman Support Services, LLC
18 Charlton St.
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420
PHONE. (978) 343-6667
FAX. (978) 343-0460
E-MAIL: daniel.barnes@minutemansupport.com

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SOURCE: Minuteman Support Services, LLC


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