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Minuteman Support Services, LLC

Company Information :
Minuteman Support Services, LLC
534 Forristall Road
Rindge, New Hampshire 03461
Ph. 603-899-6667
Fx. 603-899-6667

Media Contacts:
Mark Carbone
603.899.6667 ext.6

VIDEO AVAILABLE: Minuteman Support Services LLC Announces Preferred Service Provider Partnership With Connectifi Inc.

For Immediate Release

FITCHBURG, Mass./EWORLDWIRE/May 4, 2005 --- After fourteen months of positioning Minuteman Support Services (MSS) as a value-added service provider to ISPs, owners Mark Carbone and Daniel Barnes report the company is experiencing nationwide growth. MSS entered into a Preferred Service Provider agreement with Connectifi, Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz. Connectifi, Inc. is one of the largest DSL and Wifi Internet service providers in the southwest catering to RV Parks, home users and small businesses.

"Minuteman Support Services is leveraging remote computer support technology to bridge the customer support gap that exists between ISPs and their subscribers. Internet service providers have, justifiably, drawn the line when it comes to supporting their subscribers' PCs or laptops," says Dan Barnes, co-founder and COO of Minuteman. "After speaking with many ISPs in our immediate area, we discovered that spyware is the driving force behind an increase in technical support call volume and subscriber frustration."

"We chose Minuteman Support Services because of the increase in issues affecting our customers," Jonathan Miller, CEO of Connectifi stated. "We have seen a drastic increase in the number of malware/spyware issues coupled with SP2 and other problems relating to PC configurations. About 90 percent of the calls we take to support our wireless networks are not directly related to wireless configuration. We have seen that number grow from approximately 40 percent in the previous year. Most of the calls we receive require technical support relating to issues within their PCs."

Miller added, "Our typical response to customers was to take their computers to a local retailer that services computers. We needed to find someone to help our customers without having them uproot their systems. Minuteman Support Services is a great choice for us to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers by making sure they are looked after either remotely or in person."

Barnes stated, "Between 80 and 90 percent of all residential and small business computers are infected with spyware, and small businesses stand to lose $250 billion in productivity due to spyware infections in 2005. Internet subscribers' ability to benefit from the full potential of their high-speed Internet connections is being severely impaired because of spyware infestation. It is only natural that subscribers are turning to their ISPs for support. Remote computer support technology and a strong nationwide onsite presence allow us to offer a value-added, single-vendor relationship to Internet service providers. National, regional and local Internet service providers can now take customer support to the next level and start pointing their subscribers down a path toward resolution when the problem is determined to be on the customers' end."

About Minuteman Support Services, LLC

Minuteman Support Services provides nationwide computer support services for residential computer users and small businesses throughout the United States. MSS bolsters its nationwide presence with a strong network of on-site technicians in the event the computer cannot be worked on remotely. Backed by 30 years of experience in the helpdesk industry, MSS extends the tried and proven computer support methods of corporate America to the general public and small businesses.

Remote computer support allows MSS customers to receive computer support regardless of where they are in the world, as long as they have a working Internet connection. Whether in an airport, on a boat, in an RV park, in a hotel or on the other side of the world, Minuteman Support Services can resolve most computer problems right over the Internet.

ISPs can learn more about partnering with Minuteman Support Services by calling Sales at 866-239-1250.

About Connectifi, Inc.

RV Wireless, Inc. owns 30 percent of Connectifi, Inc. Connectifi, Inc., a Delaware corporation based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the leading provider of high-speed internet access through its year-round RVwifi service offered at RV Resorts in the Southwest. RVwifi provides access in 3,400 locations as a member of the Airpath Provider Alliance allowing them to service more than three million RVers within a 350 mile radius of its home office. Connectifi, Inc. also offers DSL products for residential and business customers, email services and 3400 local dialup access numbers within the U.S. and Canada.

For more information regarding Connectifi, Inc., visit http://connectifi.com.

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Daniel Barnes
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420

KEYWORDS: technology, hardware, software, support, computer, remote, wireless

SOURCE: Minuteman Support Services, LLC


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