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Company Information :
Bella Fire, LLC.
9050 Double R Blvd #
Reno, Nevada 89521

Ph. 775-851-9820

Media Contacts:
Jacqueline McCarthy


Sexy Halloween Costumes By Posh Angels Costumes

For Immediate Release

RENO, Nev./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 26, 2005 --- Forget scary monsters and space aliens, this year women are celebrating Halloween by showing more skin than scare.

"Posh Angels Costumes.com sells sexy costumes year round, not just at Halloween time," said Jacqueline McCarthy, founder of Posh Angels Costumes.com. "The best-selling costumes are the ones that reveal the most skin and are the most complimentary to a woman's body-- the sexy nurse, the fire-woman, the police officer, the sexy pirate, and naughty angel costumes."

With Halloween landing on a Mondy this year, people have an entire weekend to attend costume parties. That means more opportunity for large public parties, nightclub events, bar and restaurant parties, and private parties.

"Women do not want to wear the same costume twice, and this is resulting in a jump in sales," said McCarthy.

"The media is fueling the Halloween glamour boom. Young women are bombarded with images of women such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton. Many young women who usually dress conservatively use Halloween as an escape--they can be someone they normally wouldn't be. For many women, that alter-ego is someone who is wild and sexy."

"Last year, the hottest Halloween costume at Posh Angel Costumes.com was the sexy Tinkerbell--it was sold out of mid-October. This year, the company has increased the number of costume suppliers and more than doubled its inventory of costumes to reduce the chance of running out of any costumes."

Posh Angels Costumes.com is ready to more than quadruple their Halloween business this year. "If this year's early Halloween rush is any indication, it is going to be an incredible year selling sexy costumes," McCarthy said.

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Jacqueline McCarthy
Reno, NV 89521

KEYWORDS: sexy, costumes, halloween, nurse, police, pirate, fairy, angel, schoolgirl

SOURCE: Bella Fire, LLC.


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