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The Real McCoy Company

Company Information :
The Real McCoy Company
P.O. Box 245
Miami Shores, Florida 33153

Ph. 305-756-0065

Media Contacts:
Anya McCoy


NaturalPerfumery.com Launched As Botanical Perfumes Replace Synthetic Scents

For Immediate Release

MIAMI SHORES, Fla./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 4, 2005 --- NaturalPerfumery.com was launched by Anya McCoy, designer, perfumer and aromatherapist to showcase natural perfumers from around the world and to educate the public about this lovely alternative to synthetic perfumes.

Since the 1980's McCoy noticed that when people get on an elevator, or have to work with, someone who wears a strong, overwhelming perfume, others may cough, choke or sneeze. Trained as an ethnobotanist and landscape architect, McCoy specialized in creating fragrant gardens. Pollen may cause a problem there, but the natural distilled essential oils she used in aromatherapy rarely caused any respiratory distress.

In 2002, after reading Mandy Aftel's book "Essence and Alchemy," which described how to blend and create natural perfumes, McCoy started a Yahoo group dedicated to Natural Perfumery. "We now have 600 members, all dedicated to finding the rarest and most beautiful raw aromatics and creating gorgeous natural perfumes. It's a new trend in niche and artisan perfumery, and we're getting a lot of notice and establishing a customer base," she said.

"There is a fragrant alternative to those allergy-inducing fragrances, and naturalperfumery.com is showcasing natural perfumers who create beautiful scents that will not leave a trail of strong scent, or create a health problem," McCoy states.

The natural perfumers are a diverse group, their creative muses include ancient perfume formulas updated for today's world, alchemy, France, aromatherapy and healing, gardens and the universe of color, sound and fragrance. "Their perfumes do not persist in the room long after a person has left and do not induce health problems, such as itchy eyes, coughing, or sneezing," McCoy said. "They just perfume the wearer beautifully, enchantingly, as perfumes were meant to do, naturally."

About NaturalPerfumery.com

Anya McCoy is a Miami-based designer and perfumer. She received a BA in Economic Botany from the University of California, Riverside, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from S.U.N.Y.

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Anya McCoy
Miami Shores,Florida 33153
305-756-0065 305-756-0065

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SOURCE: The Real McCoy Company


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