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Mark Bayliss


World Airwaves Awarded Franchise To Build Next Generation Internet Wireless Broadband Network, By The City Of Harrisonburg, Va.

World Airwaves Awarded Franchise To Build Next Generation Internet Wireless Broadband Network

For Immediate Release

WINCHESTER, Va./EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 10, 2006 --- World Airwaves, a leading wireless Internet development group focused on secure wireless and IPv6 development, has been awarded a franchise from the city of Harrisonburg, Va., to build a citywide wireless Internet network. The wireless network will provide both fixed and mobile broadband access to the Internet throughout the entire city.

The wireless network will be based on the next generation Internet, or IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), a massive upgrade to the existing Internet standard (IPv4), which is over 30 years old. The Harrisonburg network will be the first native IPv6 commercial network in North America. It will not only supply the residents of Harrisonburg with the most advanced and secure Internet service in North America, but will act as a testing ground for the development and introduction of IPv6 products and services for worldwide applications.

"This next generation native IPv6 network will do far more than provide the businesses and residents of Harrisonburg with secure and feature-rich abilities that are lacking in the current Internet Protocol,” said Mark Bayliss, president of World Airwaves. “It will also help to attract businesses that require this advanced level of communications, or organizations looking for a real-world IPv6 environment to develop applications and services. And, most importantly, it moves Virginia into a technical leadership role in the 21st Century.”

“We are looking forward to working in partnership with World Airwaves to develop innovative IPv6-based solutions that will have national impact for business, entertainment, educational and homeland defense applications,” said Alex Lightman, CEO of Innofone, Inc., which offers services and products for the new Internet, and holds conferences to promote IPv6 technology.

“This solution will provide an alternative to traditional high-speed Internet offerings, and give users an affordable option to stay connected- no matter when and where they are in Harrisonburg- without the security concerns of current wireless networks," said Alex Phillips, CTO of World Airwaves.

"This will be a tremendous asset for us in convincing companies that they need to set up an operation here in Harrisonburg," noted Jim Barnes, assistant economic development director, a professor at James Madison University's College of Integrated Science and Technology, whom the city hired on loan to set up the technology zone.

Bayliss added, “This will be an open access network so that multiple, competing Internet service providers can offer their services to consumers and businesses. This is important, as many people do not want to switch from their current dial-up ISPs, but are forced to do so due to the lack of broadband options available to local ISPs. Our new wireless network will allow local or national ISPs to offer secure 21st Century broadband services to their customers at affordable prices.” World Airwaves will also provide a business class service, from 1.5 to 100 Mbps, providing dedicated high bandwidth solutions to larger commercial customers.

About World Airwaves

World Airwaves is clearly focused on developing next generation innovative wireless solutions. Its innovative next generation native IPv6 multicast architecture with its advanced wireless security allows public safety agencies, municipalities and military to quickly and easily deliver city-wide or theater of operations advanced secure fixed and mobile multi-megabit connectivity for IP-based voice, video and data applications. World Airwaves is headquarted in Winchester, Virginia.

For more information, visit http://www.worldairwaves.com, call 540-722-6705 or write to info@worldairwaves.com.

About Harrisonburg, Va.

Harrisonburg, Va. is a growing city with a diverse population. It prides itself in the accomplishments of its citizens and businesses. In recent years increasing efforts have been made toward preserving the city’s history for future generations, as well as attracting businesses that will make Harrisonburg a viable competitor in this increasingly high tech world. Harrisonburg is also the home of James Madison University (JMU).

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Mark Bayliss
Winchester,Virginia 22601

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