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Company Information :
IPX Entertainment, Inc.
11 Nipissing Crescent
Brampton, Ontario L6S 5A7
Ph. 416-454-9816
Fx. 1-800-613-7332

IPX Entertainment Issues Casting Call For Reality Show Space Champions

Athletic Competition To Premiere On SpaceChannel.TV In Fall 2006

For Immediate Release

TORONTO/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 10, 2006 --- IPX Entertainment, a Nevada-registered corporation, is issuing a casting call for American and Canadian athletes to participate in a reality television show about a sport played in zero gravity. The show, Space Champions, will premiere on SpaceChannel.TV in the fall of 2006.

Contestants will compete for a spot on a professional sports team that is created over the course of the show. The 13-episode series will select seven athletes per team to create two new teams to found the Zero Gravity Sports League (ZGSL). The first teams created will be named the "Toronto Astronauts" and the "Los Angeles Invaders." An additional six teams will be cast subsequently, for three more 13-episode series, depending on the success of the first Space Champions show and the strength of the channel subscription revenue. Once the first eight teams are founded, the ZGSL will play a regular season of about 35 games.

The producers are looking for men and women of great athletic ability and fitness that are above the age of 18. Athletes from a wide variety of backgrounds are welcome. Instructions on how to apply may be found on http://www.spacechampions.com.

The football-like game will be set aboard a Boeing 727 operated by the Zero Gravity Corporation. Flown in a parabolic flight pattern, each dive of the aircraft at a 45 degree angle creates approximately 30 seconds of weightlessness, simulating motion as experienced by astronauts in space orbiting the Earth. This environment will allow for 30-seconds downs played in Zero Gravity. Each game will be 30 or more downs.

The rules of the game are still a secret. Contestants will not learn the game rules until they appear on the show. Over the course of first 13 episodes, the "Toronto Astronauts" and "Los Angeles Invaders" will each cut a player per episode until only seven remain on each team. One player will be awarded a cash prize as the Space Champions Most Valuable Player Award. Team players will be offered a two-year contract to play professionally in the Zero Gravity Sports League, consisting of an initially eight-team tournament for a million dollar cash prize and the Space Champions Cup. The contract salary per player will depend on official ranking achieved during the Space Champions show.

Another six teams, from North America, Europe and Asia, will be created this year, for three more 13-episode series. The specific cities chosen for the homes of these teams will largely be determined by viewer interest and owner's preference. Episodes will be available as video-on-demand on SpaceChannel.tv, which will begin taking advance subscriptions this spring.

Sports agents and advertisers may inquire about opportunities through president@ipxentertainment.com.

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Rocky Persaud
IPX Entertainment, Inc.
11 Nipissing Crescent
Brampton, Ontario
PHONE. 416-454-9816
FAX. 1-800-613-7332
EMAIL: president@ipxentertainment.com

WEBSITES: http://ipxentertainment.com, http://spacechannel.tv, http://interplanetary.ca, http://spacechampions.com, http://zerogravitysports.org, http://spacechampions.tv

KEYWORDS: IPXN, SpaceChannel, Space, SpaceChannel.TV, Paraball, Zero, Gravity, sports, Champions, casting, call, reality, TV

SOURCE: IPX Entertainment, Inc.


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