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Photocast Network

Company Information :
Photocast Network

Tuebingen, BW 72072
Ph. 011-49-176-22394013

Media Contacts:
Christoph Marquardt
(011-49-707-130-2462 from the US)

John Arnold
(011-44-1270-768738 from the US)

Photography Podcasters Join Forces To Form The Photocast Network

For Immediate Release

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 21, 2006 --- An organization of volunteers, the Photocast Network is a new concept in podcasting designed to assemble the top photography-based podcasts available. With goals of initially growing listenership among all the member shows and providing a central resource where listeners can find other shows of their interest, the network forms a strong collective voice that can speak to traditional media, industry and advertisers alike.

The Photocast Network will help podcast listeners that are interested in photography to find other podcasting resources related to their hobby by visiting the Photocast Network Web site at www.photocastnetwork.com. Along with working together to promote photography related resources, Photocast Network members will collaborate and provide projects and competitions to the photographer community.

As podcasting enters a new phase with growing visibility to the general public, the Photocast Network is working to help listeners, industry, media and advertisers get in touch with the photography and podcasting worlds.

About the Photocast Network

The Photocast Network was started in August 2006 by Christoph Marquardt and John Arnold. Marquardt, who lives in Tubingen in southern Germany, is host of the world's most popular photography podcast, Tips From The Top Floor. Arnold lives in Cheshire, U.K. and is the host of PhotoWalkthrough, a video podcast teaching photo post processing. Initial members of the Photocast Network are:

Tips From The Top Floor - Chris Marquardt
PhotoWalkthrough - John Arnold
The Candid Frame - Ibarionex Perello
Lightsource - Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden
2 Minute Photoshop Tricks - Kent Conklin
The Simple Photo Minute - Dane Sanders
The Radiant Vista - Matt Gibson and Craig Tanner

These shows represent the very best in photography podcasting today. The member shows have agreed to work together to promote photography and photography-related podcasting through their shows and through the Photocast Network website - www.photocastnetwork.com, which hosts a blog with the latest news in photography podcasting.

More information about the organization's aims is available at www.photocastnetwork.com. Arnold and Marquardt are available for questions via:

Chris Marquardt - info@tipsfromthetopfloor.com
John Arnold - photowalkthrough@gmail.com

US 206-202-3757
UK +44-1270-768738
Germany +49-7071-302462

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Christoph Marquardt
Photocast Network
PHONE. 011-49-176-22394013
EMAIL: info@photocastnetwork.com

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SOURCE: Photocast Network


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