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Company Information :
847 Superior Ave
Oostburg, WI 53070
Ph. 920-564-3313
Fx. 920-694-0950

Vinyl Records Are On Comeback Trail According To New E-Book Available At CollectingVinylRecords.com

Vinyl records are "cool" again. Recently released e-book details this phenomenon.

For Immediate Release

OOSTBURG, Wis./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 20, 2006 --- While the music landscape has changed throughout the years, some things remain constant. Remember vinyl records? Millions do, as a resurgence in the sale of vinyl, along with the digital down loading craze, has severely damaged CD sales in the last few years.

In fact, collecting vinyl records is big business. Record fairs and shows sprout up in major cities annually. Collectors have been known to travel half way around the world to survey a particular collection. So, why all the fuss?

"Vinyl has an ambience, a listening warmth that you just can't and do not get with any other musical format," explains Robert G. Benson; who has written an e-book "How To Start A Vinyl Record Collection". "The Internet has opened up so many more avenues for the collector - it is so much easier to find quality, used vinyl."

The e-book, available at
http://collectingvinylrecords.homestead.com/index.html, talks about this phenomenon and why vinyl is capturing a whole new generation of collectors. The e-book also addresses such issues as: what to collect, why people collect, where to buy collectible music, record cover art, grading issues, and much more.

About collectingvinylrecords.com

Formed in 2006, the Web site is under the guidance of the owner and webmaster Robert G. Benson, who also is the author of the e-book: "How To Start A Vinyl Record Collection". The site serves as a promotional tool for the e-book and includes resources, links, and informative articles for the visitor.

Telephone: 920-564-3313
847 Superior Ave
Oostburg, Wisconsin 53070
Telephone: 920-564-3313
Facsimile: 920-694-0950

To obtain a copy of the e-book, visit the Clickbank marketplace or visit the Web site at http://collectingvinylrecords.homestead.com/index.html.

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Robert Benson
847 Superior Ave
Oostburg, WI 53070
PHONE. 920-564-3313
EMAIL: robert@collectingvinylrecords.com

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SOURCE: collectingvinylrecords.com


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