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Company Information :
Power+Energy, Inc.
106 Railroad Drive
Ivyland, PA 18974
Ph. 215-942-4600
Fx. 215-942-9300

Media Contacts:
Al Stubbmann
VP Sales & Marketing
ext. 17
215-942-9300 (fax)

Power+Energy Develops Key Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen separator will accelerate use of fuel cells


IVYLAND, Pa./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 2, 2003 --- Power + Energy, Inc., (P+E) a small company with 12 employees, founded in 1993 in Bucks County Pennsylvania is about to revolutionize the use of fuel cells and kick-start the Hydrogen Economy.

The company, which develops and manufactures hydrogen separators, has developed new hybrid hydrogen separation technology specifically designed for fuel cell applications. Using advanced nano-technology, a system the size of a typical telephone directory (one tenth of a cubic foot) can supply the hydrogen needed for a 100KW fuel cell that could be used to power a car. By using P+E’s technology, auto manufacturers could dramatically shorten the projected time needed to make fuel cells powered vehicles practical for the general public.

P+E’s new product will allow fuel cell vehicles to use easier-to-handle liquid fuels such as ethanol. Ethanol is derived from corn and is already used as a fuel for automobiles in many regions in the United States. Using this new technology, hydrogen can be extracted from liquid fuel as it is needed by the fuel cell. This will allow existing gasoline stations to be refueling points for Hydrogen driven vehicles.

Without this technology, auto manufacturers have been planning to install high pressure hydrogen storage tanks in fuel cell cars. This would require a network of hydrogen refueling stations and a completely different fuel supply network. Investments to produce, store and dispense high pressure hydrogen would likely cost several millions of dollars per station. P+E technology will allow local gas stations to dispense ethanol from existing fuel pumps and storage tanks.

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has already provided some funding for research & development. At the request of the DOD, P+E has submitted a proposal for additional funding to develop a hydrogen separation membrane that would be suitable for portable fuel cells. These fuel cells could be used to replace costly and inefficient battery power for ground personnel and many other military needs.

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Albert Stubbmann
Power and Energy, Inc.
106 Railroad Drive
Ivyland, PA 18974
PHONE. 215-942-4600 ext 17
FAX. 215-942-4600
EMAIL: al@purehydrogen.com

Peter Bossard
Power & Energy, Inc.
106 Railroad Dr.
Ivyland, PA 18974
PHONE. 215-942-4600 ext 14
FAX. 215-942-4600
EMAIL: peter@purehydrogen.com

KEYWORDS: fuel cell, hydrogen, renewable energy, ethanol, automobile, car, transportation, vehicle, technology, battery, military

SOURCE: Power and Energy, Inc.


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