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SearchMothers.com - Tech Research Services

Company Information :
SearchMothers.com - Tech Research Services
10 Azalea Drive
Lumberton, NJ 08048
Ph. 609-230-0398

Single Moms find Targeted Information with SearchMothers.com

Single mothers around the U.S. now have a much-needed Web site for reading about their lifestyle: SearchMothers.com has been receiving tremendous positive feedback from single mothers around the country.

For Immediate Release

LUMBERTON, N.J./EWORLDWIRE/May 7, 2007 --- SearchMothers.com, a monthly online magazine which offers networking forums, resources, and insightful articles for single mothers, has released its Mother's Day issue online at http://www.searchmothers.com.

SearchMothers.com offers a single location to find resources for single mothers and mothers in blended families. To keep information as up-to-date as possible, it has formed relationships with numerous writers and experts in the field of parenting, family law, family counseling and pregnancy. The site also has volunteer writers nationwide and is actively recruiting more volunteers.

Sonina K. Matteo, founder of SearchMothers.com, and a single mother at one time, is married with two children. Ms. Matteo has over 18 years experience in business with a concentration in journalism, and marketing. She is the owner of Tech Research Services, a southern New Jersey-based PR and Marketing business.

"I hope single mothers will take advantage of this extraordinary information portal," said Ms. Matteo. "The fact that we regularly get feedback from visitors praising the site's content and the thousands of hits per day says a great deal about the fact that we are going in the right direction. Also, the fact that so many single mothers have signed up to help in our Mothers-helping-Mothers area means that they really want to help each other, and I commend that kind of activity."

SearchMothers.com provides networking forums, focused news feeds, a free online pregnancy calendar, a Baby Names Directory, dedicated articles and editorials, and website links for single mothers and mothers in blended families, and loads of other resources including recipes, parenting advice and private online support groups.

Message board contributors who post regularly during a three-month timeframe are offered incentives such as gift certificates to their favorite stores.

Positive Media and maximizing awareness of commercial and non-profit projects for Single Mothers is also their goal. “SearchMothers.com is also a social entrepreneurial project. It revolves around single mothers and changing the way people think about single mothers and mothers in blended families and increasing the production of positive media about those types of mothers,” said Ms. Matteo.

SearchMothers.com regularly publishes author and reader contributions. Readers and/or authors can simply e-mail submissions. Submissions from single moms sharing their stories are also welcome.

SearchMothers.com contains original and/or syndicated articles in the following departmental channels: Mothers, Custodial Mothering, Parenting, Pregnancy, Relationships, Healthy Living, Work and Career, Childcare and Money.

The site also offers a comprehensive searchable Web directory directed toward mothers. Search functionality looks at the pre-screened links in the directory which are directed to quality-content Web sites, pod-casts, research and other online resources.

About SearchMothers.com

SearchMothers.com provides reliable and useful online resources for single mothers with full-custody of their children, and married and single mothers who are co-parenting in a shared parenting arrangement. It is an independent and emotionally supportive online publication for current and former single moms - serving many separated or divorced moms, married women raising children alone, as well as a trusted resource for mothers-to-be.

For additional info visit: http://www.SearchMothers.com
Contact: editorial@searchmothers.com

Media Contact:
Tech Research Services
(609) 230-0398

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Sonina Matteo
SearchMothers.com - Tech Research Services
10 Azalea Drive
Lumberton, NJ 08048
PHONE. 609-230-0398
EMAIL: soninamatteo@techresearchservices.com

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SOURCE: SearchMothers.com - Tech Research Services


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