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Company Information :
Landport Systems
1630 North Main Street
Suite 116
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Ph. 800-715-1446
Fx. 925-949-8037

Media Contacts:
Jeff Langner
VP Sales

Hayward Unified School District Opts for Landport's Internet Driven Work Order Management System

Landport automates HUSD facility maintenance, IT and transportation operations

For Immediate Release

HAYWARD, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/July 19, 2007 --- Hayward Unified School District (HUSD), a pioneer in bringing advanced digital technology into the classroom and the community via its eDistrict Solution initiative, announced today the selection of Landport's Internet Driven(R) Work Order Management System. HUSD is using Landport to manage all service requests, work orders and preventive maintenance for its school district facilities, IT department and transportation operations. Landport is the global leader in service request, work order, preventive maintenance and related facility management services delivered via the Internet. HUSD is fully operational on Landport.

"As a leader in adopting and deploying new technologies, HUSD is excited to be among the first K-12 school systems in California to offer on-line work order management to all school site administrators and staff," said Joe Zanini, director of maintenance, operations and transportation at HUSD. "The streamlined communication Landport facilitates between district employees, managers and our maintenance shops significantly reduces costs and improves service."

Landport Systems, Inc. provides the world's leading Internet Driven Work Order Management System for handling online work orders and preventive maintenance. Landport enables facility managers to handle more work in less time and with lower costs, while improving levels of service. Landport users include K-12 school systems, the University of California, city, county and state governments and the U.S. Federal Government, as well as local and global property management firms, corporations and non-profit organizations. Landport fully automates employee, facility manager, maintenance staff and service vendor communication, enabling extremely fast and efficient resolution of on-demand service requests and regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. Using Landport, managers and maintenance staff are able to achieve far higher levels of productivity.

Landport has enabled HUSD to handle a higher volume of work orders, in less time. "The selection of Landport is consistent with our groundbreaking efforts to improve digital literacy and utilize the best technology on the market to help keep our facilities in top condition for our students and teachers," said Patrick Simon, C.I.O./director, HUSD Technology Services Support.

"We are extremely pleased for the opportunity to partner with the Hayward Unified School District," said David George, Landport's president and CEO. "HUSD’s pioneering efforts to prepare its students for the entrepreneurial and career opportunities of the future are unparalleled, and are in perfect alignment with Landport's technology platform and development roadmap."

About Landport Systems, Inc.

Landport Systems is the world's leading Internet Driven Work Order Management System for service requests, work orders and preventive maintenance, fully automating communication between employees, tenants, property and facility managers, maintenance personnel and service providers. Landport’s powerful on-demand, on-line system helps facilitate service requests, instant notification, work orders, preventive maintenance, management reports, electronic building logs, comprehensive operational analysis, asset management, visitor, resource and emergency management. Landport is accessible anywhere 24/7 through any standard Web browser or wireless handheld, has unlimited scalability and is very affordable. There is no software to purchase, install or support. Landport enables managers to significantly cut costs and dramatically improve service. The company is privately held and based in San Jose, California. Additional information can be found at 'http://www.landport.net'. Internet Driven is a registered trademark of Landport Systems, Inc.

About Hayward Unified School District

The Hayward Unified School District is one of the largest K-12 districts in California, with over 44,000 students. The mission of the Hayward Education Community is to enable all students to recognize and strive to fulfill their potential as caring, thinking, productive, contributing, and responsible participants in a changing world. More information on the Hayward Unified School District may be found at 'http://www.husd.k12.ca.us'.

Media Contact:
Jeff Langner
Landport Systems, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA
Tel: 925-949-7693
Mobile : 510-326-7183
Fax: 925-949-8037

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Jeffrey L. Langner
Landport Systems, Inc.
PO Box 610591
San Jose, CA 95161
PHONE. 925-949-7693
FAX. 925-949-8037
EMAIL: jlangner@landport.net

KEYWORDS: facilities management, work order management, facility management, on line, service request, facility management software, work order management software, preventive maintenance

SOURCE: Landport Systems, Inc.


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