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Hotel Security Specialists (LLC)

Company Information :
Hotel Security Specialists (LLC)
28 Columbus Drive
Savannah, GA 31405
Ph. 912-236-3361

Media Contacts:
BF Larkin

Hotel Security Specialists: Another 9/11 Could Possibly be Lurking for Hotels

Hotel Security Specialists calls the hotel industry and government to task for their failure to enact national guidelines for hotel security based on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

For Immediate Release

SAVANNAH, GA/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 28, 2007 --- Hotel Security Specialists puts the hotel industry and government in the hot seat for its failure to sanction national guidelines on hotel security, despite recommendations made by The 9/11 Commission.

In response to the public's frustration with inaction by the hotel industry and government officials, Larkin and partners, one of which helped protect two US presidents, established HSS. The company's goal is to address the absence of hotel security standards by enlisting grass roots consumer support.

"It's six years since 9/11 took place, and it could happen again tomorrow," believes senior partner, BF Larkin. "The hotel industry hasn't done anything. The fact is, 9/11 was planned in hotels worldwide over a three year period. It wouldn't have happened if security had been in place."

An exciting new concept in hotel security, HSS inspects hotels for conformity to the Department of Homeland Security's code yellow alert. "A state of active vigilance is what is needed in hotels," said Larkin. "We inspect hotels based on an eight-point security checklist, provide training and contacts for hotel staff, with a rapid response system in place in case terrorist activity is observed."

HSS emphasizes prevention of the next 9/11. By joining HSS, via the company's website 'www.HotelSecuritySpecialists.com', it gives members access to the listing of hotels at their travel destinations which have passed HSS inspection. An ID card emblazoned with the image of the twin-towers inflamed, and an invitation to join the HSS lobbying efforts to force our elected officials to make national guidelines for hotel security the law of the land.

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Billy Larkin
Hotel Security Specialists (LLC)
28 Columbus Drive
Savannah, GA 31405
PHONE. 912-236-3361
EMAIL: hotelspecialists@yahoo.com

KEYWORDS: hotel security, hotels, terrorist and hotels, federal guidelines for hotel security, 9/11 and hotel security, hospitality industry and their lack of concern for security., Hotels and terrorists

SOURCE: Hotel Security Specialists


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