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Award Winning Documentary Shows Allegations Of McCain's Efforts To Block POW Investigations, Reports KST Communications

For Immediate Release

OROVILLE, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 18, 2008 --- The award-winning documentary film, "Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs" narrated by Ed Asner backs up allegations that John McCain repeatedly thwarted attempts by U.S. Senate investigators to examine the abandonment of American POWs in Southeast Asia and North Korea.

"Missing Presumed Dead," which won two film festival "Best Documentary" awards, explores McCain's successful attempt to pass a stealth bill in the Senate which effectively keeps his POW records sealed in perpituity and provides insight into why he does not want these records ever to be made public - including the revelation of the many propaganda radio broadcasts he delivered for the North Vietnamese. The film also explains why McCain's refusal of early release from a North Vietnamese POW camp had a less than honorable motive.

The charges against McCain are revealed in the documentary by such political luminaries as former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith; Jesse Helms' chief of staff, Dr. James Lusier; former Congressman Bob Dornan; U.S. Senate lead investigator, Tracy Usery; and author, Dr. Joseph Douglass, Jr. ("Betrayed").

This documentary goes in depth to answer some of these persistant questions:

Why were these POWs abandoned?

Are some of these POWs still alive in North Korea and Vietnam?

Is John McCain really the president we want guiding our future generations?

According to Jerry Kiley, a group leader of Vietnam Vets against McCain, Kiley says, "John McCain has created this myth that he is a hero, and he is not."

Kiley's group cites as evidence a May, 1973, U.S. News & World Report article by McCain in which McCain said he realized, on his third or fourth day of captivity after his plane was shot down in 1967, that his knee was so swollen the blood might pool in it and kill him, so he offered to give military information to his captors in exchange for medical treatment.

Consequently several military missions were compromised.

"Missing, Presumed Dead" was supported by several POW/MIA organizations who cite John McCain as one of the biggest obstacles in resolving the abandonment of America's POW/MIAs. Go to 'http://www.missingpresumeddead.com' to learn more.

'http://www.youtube.com/veteransagainstmccain' clip coming soon.

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Kara Topolsky
KST Communications
P.O. Box 1556
Oroville, CA 95965
PHONE. (530) 315-9078

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SOURCE: KST Communications Public Relations


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