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Zymol Enterprises, Inc.

Company Information :
Zymol Enterprises, Inc.
1 Champion Way
Brooksville, FL 34601
Ph. 8009995563

Media Contacts:
Michael Dolbow

PHOTO AVAILABLE: Zymöl signs newest Licensed Detailer in Boston

For Immediate Release

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/May 29, 2008 --- As part of a worldwide program to unify and support all detailers and Valeters, Zymöl announced its newest Licensed Detailer in the United States.

Vasilios Kitas of Massachusetts will be the next licensed detailer to carry the Zymöl ethic and banner, and provide Zymöl Factory trained service.

Kitas has been immersed in the luxury car scene his entire life. His father, a master mechanic for Rolls Royce, taught Kitas the slow and watchful mind-set of caring for the world's great marques. After years of working with every conceivable product, Kitas pursued a partnership with Zymöl for his services to his affluent car community.

As the owner of Vasilios' Automotive, Kitas has been trained at Zymöl's elite Beverly Hills Studio in California with Zymöl Professional Products that are only available to Zymöl Licensed Detailers. Vasilios' Automotive will be added to Zymöl's online locator so owners who want the very best Zymöl treatment can seek him out to perform the work.

Vasilios Kitas can be contacted at:
Vasilios' Automotive - a Licensed Zymöl Concours Valeter
Telephone: (800) 500-0289

About Zymöl

Zymöl (pronounced ZYE-mol) is the world's leading producer of premium automotive care products. Its effectiveness, natural ingredients, environmental compatibility and adoption by the automotive elite distinguish Zymöl in the market.

Since 1980, Zymöl's washing, cleaning and feeding formulas have been used to protect and shine some of the finest cars in the world. From Vintage (TM) Estate Glaze ($1,850.00) to AutoWash(TM) ($19), there are Zymöl products to suit any budget, need or vehicle.

Hand-crafted Zymöl paste waxes are based on a carriage maker's formula developed in Bischofsheim, Germany in the late 1800s.

Zymöl is dedicated to helping present and future generations preserve and protect the contributions made by the designers, manufacturers, collectors and restorers of motorised and non-motorised works of art, new or old. Visit Zymöl online at 'http://www.zymol.com'.

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Diane Seales
Zymol Worldwide
Killingworth, CT
PHONE. (800) 999-5563
EMAIL: customerservice@zymol.com

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Vasilios Kitas of Massachusetts


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