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It's All About .ME Now, Reports Ng Intermarketing

It's All About .ME Now - the new hot domain names

For Immediate Release

COPENHAGEN, Denmark/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 21, 2008 --- When .me domain names became available in June, many people attempted to register while others missed out because they were unaware of the DOT .ME availability. For those who paid the requisite $99.98 during the registration period and found themselves applying for the same .me domains, an auction opportunity is available to purchase a wide range of .me domain names.

"Although the overall number of people allowed to bid on the current landrush auctions is small, the demand is very high," said Helle Staal of NG Intermarketing. "that translates into big bucks for some of the domain names. One thing's for sure - .me domain names are all the rage right now and are definitely here to stay."

On July 17, 2008. DOT .ME domains became open to all, and with no restrictions. During the first two days (July 17 and July18) the .ME registration broke records. GoDaddy.com processed over 20,000 domain names in the first 24 hours of registration which is definitely a record for the company.

According to Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of Internet giant GoDaddy.com, "To the best of our knowledge, there have never been more registrations handled in one day during the ordinary course of business by any registrar in history."

Businesses such as Apple are getting into the "me" attitude with their me.com domain name as well as registrations for apple.me and itunes.me.

Most of the heated .me bidding is likely to take place in September, when all people will get the chance to bid on auctions for premium .me domain names. There is almost no doubt that many of the records set in the current virtual real estate rush will be broken again in a month's time when many of the larger bids are expected to be placed.

Many of the current landrush auctions are still going on at 'https://auctions.domain.me/' with notable highest bids at the current time being:

insure.me $59,906
rank.me $17,505
sync.me $14,260
lawyers.me $14,010
australia.me $7,015
verify.me $6,405
girl.me $6,338
lucky.me $5,925
aid.me $5,625
allabout.me $5,505
massage.me $5,215
bless.me $5,056
famous.me $4,601
investing.me $4,511
energize.me $4,505
taste.me $4,215

Other landrush .me auctions have produced the following winning bids of note:

toyota.me $90,025
oglasi.me $40,034
only.me $33,405
aweso.me $24,189
skoda.me $20,010
hug.me $20,000
brand.me $18,540
match.me $17,755
view.me $17,005
lasvegas.me $15,105
chatwith.me $15,035
korea.me $15,015
solve.me $13,116
ping.me $12,515
elevate.me $12,080
healthy.me $11,100
cast.me $11,015
volu.me $10,605
china.me $10,565
sign.me $10,255
picture.me $10,240
recruit.me $10,155
india.me $10,106
properties.me $10,010
baidu.me $10,005
onlinecasino.me $10,005
surprise.me $10,005
tag.me $10,005
secure.me $10,005
dna.me $10,004
bring.me $10,000

To see all results, visit 'https://auctions.domain.me/'.

The new domain extension .ME also provides firms with a unique marketing vehicle.

Dot.ME provides companies with a distinctive branding vehicle that doubles as a domain name. For the first time in online history, easy-to-remember, verb-oriented action phrases domain it's all about you and me, while at the same time the dot.me domains are acting as memorable domain placeholders. A new marketing paradigm will for sure emerge to embrace the action-oriented, intrinsic aspects of .ME domains. Verbs, adverbs and adjectives will play a key part in identifying products and services and marketing them directly to the consumer in a easy memorable way.

Said Staal, "The Internet appears to be poised on the edge of another evolutionary leap and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. It shouldn't be too long before you see these types of names appearing all over the Internet on the major sites of the future."

"As for me, I am for sure on the .me bandwagon."

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Helle Staal
NG intermarkting
Copenhagen, Denmark 1855
PHONE. 004529628805
EMAIL: hellestaal@oncable.dk

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