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GenoLogics Teams With Applied Biosystems on Lab and Data Management Solution for Next Generation Sequencing

For Immediate Release

VICTORIA, BC Canada/EWORLDWIRE/April 8, 2009 --- GenoLogics today announced that it is teaming with Applied Biosystems, a division of Life Technologies Corporation, to provide an integrated lab and data management solution for its next generation advanced genomic analysis platform, the SOLiD(TM) System.

Applied Biosystems is a global leader in providing innovative instrument systems to accelerate academic and clinical research, drug discovery and development, pathogen detection and forensic DNA analysis. The technologies it markets include a robust line of DNA sequencing systems and chemistries to meet the increasing demands of the scientific community for higher throughput, more sophisticated DNA sequencing solutions. The SOLiD System is a highly accurate, massively parallel genomic analysis platform that supports a wide range of applications.

"Our relationship with GenoLogics helps ensure that scientists using the SOLiD System are fully supported with an end-to-end lab and data management solution, enabling efficient management of their growing volumes of next-generation sequencing data," said Roger Canales, Applied Biosystems' Senior Manager of the SOLiD Software Development Community. Mr. Canales continued, "By providing a combined solution, our customers are able to seamlessly capture data across our applications, automate multiple data pipelines and manage all of their sequencing projects and data in Geneus, a centralized lab and data management system."

As a member of the SOLiD Software Development Community, the nature of the relationship between Applied Biosystems and GenoLogics spans both technical and joint marketing initiatives. By making SOLiD technology customers aware of the unique strengths of Geneus, they will see a clear path as to how they can accelerate their next generation sequencing results with a fully integrated lab and data management solution.

"We are pleased that Applied Biosystems found Geneus to be a uniquely qualified lab and data management solution for its next generation sequencing platform," said Sal Sanci, V.P. Product Management for GenoLogics. "Our relationship will provide SOLiD System users with a single data management solution from sample submissions to results, not only for their next generation sequencing projects, but also for their other genomics research."

Geneus is highly configurable and flexible lab and data management system that supports workflows across multiple technology platforms. It provides genomics facilities with an end-to-end solution from sample and workflow management, to automating pipelines and enabling reporting. Geneus is also part of a broader suite of informatics solutions for discovery labs, which enables translational research and systems biology projects.

About GenoLogics

GenoLogics is the leading provider of informatics solutions for translational research, spanning both the discovery and biomedical research domains. Our science purposed modules for discovery research are complemented by a highly configurable, integrating lab informatics platform that is scalable to service many labs and sciences across an organization. Our Biomedical Informatics product suite allows labs to track and manage their biospecimen and clinical annotations data, while aggregating results with our Research Informatics solution for a holistic view. For more information, please visit GenoLogics.com ('http://www.genologics.com').

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Bobbi Leach
4464 Markham
Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8
PHONE. 250.483.7063
EMAIL: roberta.leach@genologics.com

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SOURCE: Genologics


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