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Best Practices

In nearly 20 years of service, we’ve become recognized for the distinctly unique position we take in writing and editing thousands of press releases for every kind of company and organization, across different markets and diverse geographic areas. You can see example press releases featured on our home page. If you like, ask us to give you general feedback on your draft, at no charge, or for relevant samples in your industry.

Press Release Format: The Building Blocks

You can get everything right, and the timing of your press release can be off. The most experienced copywriter knows it’s possible to miss having the right focus. To make real, powerful changes to your draft, our fee is nominal – if you think about how much time it takes you write one yourself, do you still you think the fee for our press release writing services is more than you would like?

Consider how much more attention people give to news stories than to advertising. A single press release that gets your business covered as a feature story attracts more attention to your business than even thousands of dollars you might spend in advertising. Placing an ad relies on people noticing it in an information-overloaded world, and, while you may build recognition of your brand, it’s the bottom line that matters. Advertising – unless it’s truly impactful – accomplishes little to nothing for you except deplete your budget.

Credibility You Can’t Buy

When members of the media – journalists, editors, broadcasters and others – make your business the focus of a story, they give you credibility. The public believes – in nearly all cases, rightly – that these pros have already done the homework on the news they report on. Writers have checked the facts and applied good judgment to selecting you for the story.

Despite the advances and the array of platforms that can be used to get the word out about a business, traditionally trained public relations (PR) people fall back on what they know. Often, people in public relations aren’t as technically savvy as they should be. Everyone knows the history: Stories arrived on editors’ desks, the “press,” when news was strictly conveyed via a printed press in the form of newspaper. Even the abuses caused by people pushing out content in the form of press releases aimed at misleading search engines has taken its toll on credibility online.

The staff at Eworldwire knew when it first started happening. We witnessed the attempts to artificially manipulate search results, but we always held to a higher standard, a strict set of standards that set us apart. We thwarted attempts to engage in this activity. If it looked like a duck, quacked like a duck …

News Pickup

Before you issue a press release, think first about how your story will be used. With news media working on a razor-thin stringer staff, more often than not you won’t know unless you do your own research or hire a firm (with a hefty monthly retainer fee) to do the research for you. These types of services are called, “Clipping Services.” The phrase comes from the process when it used to be that companies would subscribe to all the major newspapers, and a worker at the clipping service would manually review each one, using scissors to cut the article out and send it to a client.

Credibility Trumps Duplication

We get fewer calls today asking about where a press release can be seen. The days of issuing a press release and having content pushed to hundreds of duplicated websites are over. The search engines wizened up – they caught whiff of the shady tactics that some employed and reevaluated how they present real news.

Clipping as a service has evolved, too. The issue with current online clipping and reporting is the accuracy of the information you’re provided with. We know it because we’ve explored the available options. It’s in the interest of a specific service to provide you with data – numbers you think you can count on. Question how reliable these numbers really are. Having your content duplicated and visible on multiple (similar) websites doesn’t matter and can actually hurt you with search engines.

The true test of “pickup” hasn’t changed: Can you point to your press release being used as the basis of as a feature article on a news organization’s website or credible influential website?

EWORLDWIRE is and always has been about quality. We were subjected to unprecedented pressure to change our rigorous editorial standards to issue low quality content: We never waivered – ever.

With such a wide array of news sources available, the media receive stories from countless sources. They can be selective about where they go to get their news, if they have the time to go out and get it. What never changed is what makes a good story, a good story. Journalists and broadcasters value targeted, relevant news stories sent to them because the right story saves them precious time.

For Ideas, Call Us

Our phone number is easy and memorable: You’ll find we spend our time really getting to know you and your business. We brainstorm with you and give you tips on how to write your release. If, after you tried your hand at it, you’ve found the job is taking too much time or you want to be sure you get it right the first time, you can still have our team of experts write one.

It boils down to the value of your time: If you spend time trying to write a press release and still need our help, you’ll be in a better position to recognize the value we offer.

Ask us for ideas or call us. We’re happy to share our experience with you.

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