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College students are at the point in their lives where they develop brand loyalties and preferences that last a lifetime.

Facts about Today’s College Students

Over 90% of the top 500 college newspapers have editions on the Web; online college newspapers reach over 1.5 million students nationally.

At campuses where the college newspaper is published on a daily (Monday – Friday) basis, 92% of students have read the college newspaper at least once in the past 30 days. That figure remains a solid 85% for the past 14 days and 79% in the last seven days for these daily college papers. Alloy Media + Marketing

63 percent of students classifying themselves as frequent or light readers of the print edition of the campus newspaper.Source Student Monitor

College newspapers in print have a 90% readership on a weekly basis, and five out of ten students read their college newspaper daily. Source Student Monitor

Entertainment-related news, sports and current affairs rank as top areas of interest for students; 69 percent of students selected entertainment information and 50% selected sports.

Another trend in the data shows that college seniors have a higher rate of readership in the last month than freshman college students (81% vs. 72%).

The #1 newspaper read is the New York Times, followed by USA Today, then the Wall Street Journal. Both The Washington Post and the LA Times have nearly the same readership, followed by the Boston Globe and the Chicago Tribune.Source Student Monitor

Top magazines include People, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and ESPN, Men’s Health and Maxim, followed by Time and Glamour.Source Student Monitor

About 60% spend more than $1000 on clothing per year; 50% dine out at a restaurant more than three times per week

College students are spending more than 13 minutes with each issue of their college newspaper; they seek out the editorial content that can only be found on a college newspaper’s pages. For the majority of respondents that page through an entire college newspaper issue (63%), this figure is highest at 14.7 minutes. However, college students who read only specific sections (37%) are still spending more than 10 minutes with each college newspaper.

While college students spend a tremendous amount of time online, the traditional, printed newspaper is the clear winner in the competition for readership among co-eds – only 18% read the online version of their campus newspaper alone or in combination with the print version. Like the printed college newspaper, online paper readership is more prevalent among males, seniors and those at larger campuses. Students who do read the online version of their college newspaper are spending an average of 10.5 minutes on the site.

The AM+M College Newspaper Audience Study also queried faculty and staff about their campus newspaper experiences. The study found that they are active readers of college newspapers – 82% have read their college newspaper in the past 90 days. In fact, the majority of faculty members (76%) page through an entire college newspaper issue. Faculty and staff report spending 11.5 minutes with each issue, and 63% read the advertising content.


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    70% of all college students have their own credit cards. Source Student Monitor

    Nearly 55 percent of freshmen attend school no more than 100 miles from home. More than 37 percent selected a college that’s no more than 50 miles away away from mom and dad. Source UCLA

    The U.S. college market consists of about 15 million people who spend over 120 billion annually. Source National Center for Educational Statistics

    4 million full time students spend $30 billion alone. From this, $23 billion is spent on necessities and $7 billion is spent on ‘Pizza and Beer’. Source Campus Concepts

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