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Traditional PR and Online PR?

What’s Your Approach?

Think of the Fortune companies – do those companies use some type of magic formula for developing widespread recognition? They work to deliver a clear, consistent message over time. The absolute truth? It takes more than a single press release to deliver results – unless, of course, you already have that name or brand recognition in your marketplace.

Give long-term thought to what you want to accomplish with your marketing and what the most effective methods are for distributing your press releases. Your press releases are most successful when they are part of a systematic approach to marketing your product, service or business. Value-added Eworldwire features offer you thousands of dollars in added savings over competitors – no membership fees, a custom, branded Online NewsRoom complete with free logo and .pdf, and distributing press releases are as complete, full text – not just a headline, or bunched with a dozen or more press releases with a small paragraph summarizing each.

What is the real value of media pickup?

The media receives thousands of press releases daily. With seconds to gain attention, the response your individual news releases evokes is affected by its relevancy to the editor who receives it, its timeliness and the message it conveys.

What about distributing press releases with photos, charts, illustrations, drawings or multimedia elements?

It’s more than an extra to enhance your news releases – it’s one of the most sought after features by journalists. Sending a story to a journalist without a photo is rather like expecting you to bid on an item on an auction site without seeing a picture of the product first. What is it that can set you and your business apart from the competitors in your market? Be prepared to offer these elements in your Online NewsRoom – which costs nothing to set up or to maintain.

While in many cases, a specific press release is shelved for use at a later, more relevant date, nothing takes the place of distributing press releases over a period of time – a series aimed at building recognition and increasing likelihood of pickup.

What can be gained with professional press release writing and editing?

Editors and writers notice errors and detect flagrant sales pitches right away – before they get to the content you’re trying to tell them about. If you write your own press releases, Eworldwire can have our in-house, experienced professional press release writers review your news releases for proper style and formatting, and we specialize in making your news releases concise and focused. This virtually guarantees you optimal performance of your press releases.

Does the thought of writing – or learning how to write – press releases immobilize you?

Would your energy be better spent managing your business than expending it writing press releases that (several frustrated) hours later doesn’t hit the mark? An experienced press release writer can hone in on the right points to emphasize and provide guidance on relevant subject matter – all with the goal of grabbing the journalists’ attention.

Does the prospect of results from submitting press releases thrill you?

If not, why not? Our press releases have been published and broadcast by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, PC Magazine, USA Today, The Associated Press, Reuters, Time and ABC News, to name just a few. We can’t guarantee pickup by any specific media outlet – no one can, and it’s unethical to do so. We can ensure your press releases provide a powerful message that directly impact your chances at attracting coverage.

How important is industry-tailored submission?

What’s special about our press release news wire distribution service is our ability to deliver to very specific media points. Tailored press release submissions – by state, area code, newspaper circulation, dailies or weeklies, magazine categories, E-zine category, AM or FM radio stations, or even a specific topical or geographic area like Travel or Latin America – means the most relevant media receive your press releases, increasing the likelihood of media pickup. We’ve established a reputation with journalists for sending press releases that are targeted to them.

Why should you reach relevant media directly?

Eworldwire delivers your press releases to the desk and writers of your specified subject. Compare us to those which deliver press releases to general e-mail address or a main fax number where your valuable news may never reach its intended target.

Why do so many members of the media request that press releases be sent by Eworldwire?

Because our news releases meet their specific needs. Eworldwire is the only press release news wire distribution service that has a staff that reaches out and contacts the media personally – inviting them to join our news wire service – and provide research and assistance in identifying newsworthy information, along with direct, custom newsroom feeds in XML, RSS and others. They enjoy 24/7 access to our press release news wire system and the ability to sign up to receive press releases from specific companies in real-time as releases become available or by targeted categories, for example – all designed for ease-of-use and to save them time and effort.

How are your press releases delivered?

Eworldwire delivers its news releases by your recipients’ preferred reception methods. With our 7-Day-a-Week Delivery, we send immediately, every day of the week, 365 days a year. The content of your press release influences the best time for delivery. Is it time-sensitive or can we develop it to be? Call and ask an account manager for help in identifying the most appropriate timing for a specific release.

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