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Request a complimentary press release analysis and industry comparison of your current press release news wire distribution service.


Available From EWORLDWIRE Compare EWORLDWIRE’S Press Release Distribution Services To Others
Eworldwire’s press release distribution is a full text release.
Yes Does the press release distribution service you’re currently using distribute just the headline? Is your press release distributed as part of a group of headlines? Are you asking the media to take an extra step to retrieve the additional text?
Requires Membership Fee
No. Does your press release distribution service require you to pay an annual fee ? How much? For what purpose? Others – Varies – Promotional offers may “waive” the fee.
Expert Press Release Writing Services In-house

See exampleshere, here,here, here andhere.

Yes Are you sure your press release is focused and targeted to the appropriate media? EWORLDWIRE provides clear, identifiable press release writing tips to help you prepare your release if you choose to learn how to write a press release yourself or the services of professional press release writers with journalism experience to work with you to provide a newsworthy, attention-getting news release. Affordable options for talented copy / press release content review. Don’t let grammatical and typographical errors detract from the format of your press releases. Others – Limited (piggyback off other services) or no availability.
Video News Releases / Broadcast and Podcasts
Yes Budget-friendly, professional in-house video production services and studio – Growing audience. Others – Cost-prohibitive $$$, limited or no availability.
Mobile / Handheld Device Ready Yes, at E4Mobile.com – a growing medium. Others – No.
Online NewsRoomJournalists’ most frequently requested feature.
Yes At no charge through Eworldwire, we offer our clients a branded, mini-Web site that makes it easier for journalists to find your press releases they need when they need them – Does your press release distribution service provide the top items the media wants at-a-glance- or even a NewsRoom at all ? Others – Thousands $$$ elsewhere (when available).
Logo included, Online NewsRoom:
Yes At no charge through Eworldwire – What fees do you pay to include your logo? Is it an annual storage fee to the tune of thousands of dollars? Does the press release news wire service provide free assistance in preparing the logo for inclusion, or helping the media download it? From us, free – Others – varying availability and fees.
Translation Yes Free* with select distributions by vetted, native speakers to expand your press release reach. Others – Limited or no availability
Google Gadgets / Yahoo! Widgets Yes Yes, with us. With others – Limited, availability varies.
RSS Feeds
Yes Free – Real-time availability of your press releases. With other – varies.
Basic News Release Word Count
500. Do you incur extra fees after you reach a word limit with your press releases? How much is it? Most others start with a 400-word base, and even the overage fees are over twice our’s.
Trade Categories
Over 1000. How many specific target markets are truly available to you? Can you view them online? (See EWORLDWIRE’s categories list. ) Others – Limited, a stock list and cookie-cutter approach to press release distribution.
Archives Press Releases Indefinitely
Yes Are you limited in the length of time your news releases are available to the general public at the press release news wire service’s site? To journalists? Long-tail potential, when others are searching well into the future.
Merge With Your Media / Contact List
Yes What are the fees per contact? Reach via e-mail, SMS, voice.
Each News Release a Custom Distribution
Yes Does the press release news wire distribution service you’re using identify the specificsources you need, or does it send to a general list – a “cookie-cutter” approach?
Release Press Releases: To Daily & Weekly Newspapers, To E-Zines, Industry/Trade Specific
Yes Direct to the Editor – While many press release services appear to offer complete coverage, be sure you’re getting to the appropriate, relevant media contact, editor or writer – not a general newsroom or general fax or email address – or that you’re not going anywhere.
Short Clip Report Free short report – Google News, Yahoo!, MSNBC, Lycos News and many otheronlinedistribution outlets. Varies
Guaranteed Delivery Service
Yes Will your press release distribution service provide follow-up service to send specifically to media who may, for any reason, not have received initial distribution of your news release? At what charge?
EDGAR Filings
Yes Can your current press release service make the necessary filings for you to be sure you meet SEC requirements?
Provides Media Assistance
Yes What does “Media Assistance” mean? Does your press release service charge a fee? What are the specific features available to the media?
Format of Press Releases: One-step Download
Yes Your press releases are available in PDF format, allowing anyone on any platform to view them and you to print it for use in your press kit. With other press release services, does the media need ready access to your press releases, logo, multimedia elements or contact information? EWORLDWIRE archives your news releases permanently for easy access to your releases. Compare to others’ $75 fee: You get instant access to a print-ready version.
Press Inquiry Lead Notification Service
Yes How do you learn about media who are interested in following up on your story?
Full-time Media Research Staff
Yes How often is the data updated at the press release services you use to distribute news releases?
24-hour Web Site Services Available
Yes What Web site development services are available through your current press release service, if any?

EWORLDWIRE offers custom targeted, boutique-style distribution for each and every press release we release, ensuring appropriate and relevant media and outlets receive your press release – no one size fits all here. When you review the list of other true press release newswires, are they using the same blanket list for your news releases when not all the points of contact are related to your subject, and are they not including ones in other trades that would be?

To give you the right tools to make the most appropriate press release service selection, we help you identify the features you may not be receiving with your current press release distribution service, whether because they are not available or are cost-prohibitive. Use the chart to compare the service you are currently using to the features of EWORLDWIRE press release services.

An account manager can provide you with a comprehensive, no-obligation comparison of our press release news wire services to the one you are currently using. Chat online with us, call 888.546.NEWS (6397), complete our contact form, send an e-mail or fax us at 973.252.0888.

EWORLDWIRE will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed and educated decision about your press release distribution service.

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