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How To Send A Press Release

Why would explain the process of sending a press release? We know you need information, and when you understand the full range of options available, you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision about which press release news wire distribution service to use to get your words and multimedia accompaniments.

We believe you’ll agree after reviewing our services that if you send a press release using any one of our dozens of solutions, you’ll be receiving real value: the same or better quality, service and price. We stand up to and ahead of direct comparison to other true press release news wire distributors because we are one.

Where Do You Start?

Understand your goal(s).

Know your timeline.

Recognize the talent you’re using.

Compare the fees on the bottom line.

The Basics

We know from serving thousands of clients that figuring what you want to say in your press releases may be your biggest obstacle. Many people find writing uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for someone to call us and ask for ideas, to try to write it – and, after struggling for many hours, call us back to hire us for our expert help.

Some people believe writing is an art, and some forms are. However, there are very definite guidelines about how press releases should be written and presented, established by the Associated Press. This organization has detailed the expectations of the media who adhere to the rules in a one-inch thick Styleguide. You can buy one and begin the process of educating yourself but, if you’re like most people, you don’t have a formal background in journalism or the time to invest in learning how to write a press release, the right way. Hire us to do it or have us perform a comprehensive professional edit to ensure what you’re submitting meets those standards.

Just about everyone knows there needs to be a subject line containing a few words to identify what the reader will be reading about. Yet still people in our industry ignore the advances in technology that have dramatically impacted the industry: Many, if not most, people check news and email on a handheld device which only presents the first two dozen or so characters. Has the writer you’ve been working with adjusted his or her style to put the most relevant wording at the beginning of the headline, to create an instant connection with the recipient or reader?

One of the most common mistakes – and a vital one? There are people who, despite their best efforts, overlook including accurate – and complete – contact information. Reporters and producers are not going to invest time in researching it, unless it is a truly compelling story; they’ve also become accustomed to ignoring releases without contact information as junk content, since they have no way of verifying what they’ve received.

The Core: Focus on the Goal

How to start your press release is a matter of opinion – some of which are completely off the mark. Expert press release copywriters know you need to answer basic questions in the first paragraph: the who, what, when, where and why. It is important to note, however, that in a world where editors and broadcasters are busier than ever, sometimes the content of your press releases will be used in part or nearly in whole. Writing press releases as a story put into appropriate context – i.e. an upcoming holiday or time of year – makes it easier for the media to think about how your story could be used.

What’s your goal? To share information. You’ll have a few short seconds to catch someone’s attention – how do you maximum the impact of your press releases among hundreds of others?

Certainly, providing a creative story that pulls at one’s emotions can be considered; if your news is about a fundraiser for a child with a life-threatening illness, it could very well be the approach that draws in the readers.

What about publishing a book? Have you ever walked into a bookstore and seen the volume of books on those shelves? How are you going to make your information interesting enough for someone to read? You don’t have benefit of a flashy cover to do the work – although sending an image of the book cover with the press release and indicating it in the headline of your release can be the tipping point in your favor, all things being equal between your press release and another.

Are you attending an industry function? Adding new features to software? Introducing a new business in your area? The approach you ultimately decide to take might differ from what you thought it should be, after a few minutes spent chatting with us on the phone.

Whatever the reason for sending a press release, a common question is about how long press releases should be. Press releases are not advertisements – although you are really looking to “sell” the reader on why he or she should “buy” your story. The opening paragraph is critical. What would someone want to know?

With all the options to send a press release available at the click of a mouse, you need to know there are true news wires, companies which arrange service through a true news wire(a “partner”), e-mail blasting companies (that send press releases to everyone and no one targeted – especially not news sources), and Web posting services (where you hope people will come across the press release during a search). There are only a handful of true news wires and, like many other items you buy, the quality, features and selection vary.

Understand the Timeline

When should you release press releases? People who cover the news are no different than you and me. If you wait to the last minute to send a press release, how realistic is it that you’ll attract attention?

Planning when to release press releases depends on where you’re sending to. If your primary audience is a TV or radio station news desk, there may be a shorter need for notice than with magazines that decide on stories a few months ahead of printing.

The frequency with which you send press releases may also dramatically impact your potential. If you send a press release once a month rather than once a year, you increase the chances that someone will notice your press release. Even when you think you don’t have news, think about what you do that could become a reason to send a press release. Are prices going down? Are you adding new staff? Have you partnered with another business? Are you adding new products? If you’re stuck for ideas, ask us – we’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

What You Need

How do you know to choose us?

You want choice: With Eworldwire, you choose from a range of highly targeted press release distribution options to meet your specific press release goal. The selection may change as your business expands or changes.

You are a fast-growing company and need a press release distributor that grows with you – a press release service that aggressively stays current with new technologies, like making a mobile version of your press releases available or a press release new wire service which offers affordable video capabilities in-house.

International requirements aren’t properly addressed by your current press release news wire distribution system. You want to release press releases to news sources in other countries.

You want a solution that offers professional press release writing experts who ensure your press releases meet editorial requirements and expectations – and helps you take advantage of SEO.

Your current press release news wire solution focuses only on presenting your press release directly to consumers – it doesn’t go anywhere near the editorial system in a newsroom.

Your press release distributor doesn’t target your niche industry. Eworldwire news wire services is always boutique, always focused.

You’re using a press release news wire the person who had your job before you used – your company is comfortable with the service but the press release distributor does not fully address your current or near-future needs.

The service you’ve been using has an affiliation – a paid partnership – with a true news wire service which actually performs the distribution (in other words, you’re paying a middle man, for what?).

Press release writing software doesn’t offer the insider tactics you need to be sure you’re taking the right steps, with your press release content or focus.

Your current press release news wire service sends your release grouped with a dozen others with only a teaser paragraph (are you really sure it doesn’t?) that forces an interested editor to take additional time clicking a link to get the full story (and who has time for that?).

What Makes Us the Right Service?

Direct benefits of using us include:

Better or improved reach.

That reach extends to key editors at media outlets and news sources who would be most interested in your news and most able to decide about its use. Release your press releases into the right hands now – gain wider industry recognition by the journalists who need to know about you in the long-term.

Improved industry presence.

Release press releases to gain recognition by vendors and customers as a viable and credible provider of products or services. A comprehensive, integrated marketing plan includes sending press releases a part of a multi-pronged approach to building a business. Managing the process and attracting people to what you offer adds more potential to the bottom line – aside from the savings you gain after comparing press release services on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Higher online visibility.

Aside from traditional methods of reaching journalists, a wider audience will have access to your press releases via search engines, news syndicators, XML and RSS feeds and on mobile sites.

Professional image.

With an expert team of professional copywriters reviewing all press releases, we work to eliminate errors that may inadvertently creep into copy. You also benefit from the experience of professionals who know and understand the methods used to attract attention to news – in the handful of seconds you have to do so. Our review includes the highest standards of due diligence; it’s why press releases issued through us enjoy a reputation for quality.

Direct control.

With access to a branded Online NewsRoom®, you no longer have to wait for an IT staff member to update your news room on your site. With a single link to your custom Online NewsRoom from your Web site, changes you make are instantly reflected in real-time. You gain greater control when you release press releases and gain the ability to more efficiently manage the information flow about your business activities.

Grow-With-You capability.

The right press release news wire service is able to provide you with a wider range of services as your business expands.

Know the Talent

Know what you’re trying to accomplish with the press release service. What level of expert advice do you need? Do you simply need a service to send press releases out, do you need the works – information about the whole marketing process, or something in between? Some services may be limited in their capabilities. When you call, do you:

Reach a voicemail system?

Speak to someone who sounds educated about more than punctuation?

Are the account managers able to clearly explain how their press release news wire service compares to others in the industry?

Find someone who is truly interested in you, your business and your specific needs, or is taking a cookie-cutter approach, where when you release press releases, all releases are treated equally?

Are they focused more on asking how you would like to pay?

Knowledgeable Staff

An educated staff understands that the process of helping clients involves satisfying more than the immediate needs that might be vocalized by a client. The staff recognizes there may be more than meets the ear and knows to listen for the verbal signals that signify which staff member would be best able to address each unique case. The staff makes sure you speak with a professional with the most relevant experience to answer your questions in detail.

Understand and Develop a Realistic Frame of Reference

If you need more than just sending of a news release, have you built time into your schedule to a professional press release writing draft prepared or reviewed? Understand that even senior copywriters need time to figure out the best approach to sending your news out. We don’t need to go into detail about what happens when anyone rushes: it is usually a recipe for failure, at worst, a disaster, at best. Minute errors can be introduced in a hurry which might otherwise have been avoided. Avoid hiring a press release writing service and requiring a blink-time turnaround – you’ll avoid the headaches and mistakes that most frequently occur under duress.

Experts Reveal Their Experience

There are plenty of SEO press release writers who can churn out content – which sound like every other press release under the sun. Professional press release copywriters are proficient at getting the little details from you that capture the essence of what makes your story different. It’s about more than throwing up a catchy headline – which ultimately makes editors work to understand what the press release is about, and who has time for even more work? Or to read press releases that look just like what every other company in your industry is sending out? Press release writing that actually results in attracting attention requires knowledge across a range of new media. The information age has expanded into arenas traditional journalism never encountered in school or during a long career – and the right SEO press release writers how to write a press release to gain the best benefit for clients.

Experience within your industry doesn’t necessarily translate in being an effective communicator; in other words, just because someone has worked in the industry doesn’t mean he or she knows how to write a press release. Note the kinds of questions that are asked. Does the copywriter really try to understand what you are trying to do with your marketing efforts as a whole, or is the person on the other end of the phone most concerned with when your press release needs to go out? Do you imagine press release writing software could ask the real questions or form a compelling press release that people really want to read?

Know What You Are Paying For

What is the value of the service you’re provided with? Do you feel you’re receiving value from more than having someone push a button to send out your news releases? It may well be that the company is prompt in confirming the order – but is your press release handled as more than a routine chore? Do you have to lay out money, in the form of a member fee?

When a professional can educate you about the process of building recognition for your company, you’ve gained valuable knowledge – and it didn’t require sitting in a classroom somewhere. No one has ever started a business and then had a visitor show up at the office front door on opening day saying, “I’m here to teach you all you’ll ever need to know about marketing.”

You know what you do or what you provide, and you know it well. Professional copywriters have skills which complement your’s – if they offer you advice, and they’re going the extra mile for you, know you’ve saved time – and equate the value of your time to the value of the information you’re gleaning.

Choosing the right service to send a press release and get it into the hands of the right media is a complex decision. There is not a single press release distribution service that meets every need all the time – but meeting more than one increases the value you receive, especially when the service educates you or extends your knowledge. You need to know that it’s clear from speaking with staff members that they are driven to assisting you with many facets of growing your business.

What part of the process is most important to you – do you need to bounce ideas off someone or get some feedback about your approach? What kind of press release do you need to send and to who? Is the press release news wire service willing, even before knowing they’ve got the job, to review your Web site (or sites), your drafted press release, brochures, sales kits and direct mail materials, any annual reports, or technical research results, or business or marketing plans? Can they provide you with several suggestions and angles, or point out the weaknesses you provide as copy?

To choose the right service to release press releases for you, take the time to do more than compare press release news wire distributor pricing. Ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and ensure the person you speak with asks you the right ones, too. A great or superior press release news wire service is reflected in the way your inquiry is handled. You will receive more information that will ultimately help you make your business thrive.


If you are looking at the long-term, doing a bit of short-term work will pay off over and over again and have been worth the investment of your time. When it’s the right press release distributor, representatives work with you, are creative, energized and full of ideas about the possibilities – you’ll have access to a skilled and talented team that works as part of your business.

To learn more about how to send a press release through Eworldwire, call us at 888.546.NEWS (6397).

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