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The Most Regularly Undervalued Item Under Your Direct Control

Honestly, would you rather read a lengthy article to get a message you can receive in less than a minute? People are increasingly pressed for time – it is effortless to view a picture. In our years of industry work, the true value of including multimedia to accompany a press release distribution is the most regularly undervalued item under direct control of clients – the single item that can instantly persuade journalists that the press release in front of them is the one most worthy of coverage and at minimum, which can dramatically increase the likelihood of pickup by the media.

Aside from enhancing the overall presentation, click-throughs and usage of your news releases are likely to increase between four and ten-fold. Do you want to maximize the potential of your press release distribution? You lose much more than the price of a photo when you miss story pickup potential.

With our mobile service, www.E4Mobile.com, Eworldwire has provided handheld device access to current press releases issued through its our system for years longer than it became fashionable to do so. We’ve also presented video before YouTube became synonymous with online video.

Highly targeted and effective multimedia services – including audio and video production company services performed in-house by the only newswire service to offer these services in-house – formatted for web use are complemented by satellite broadcast or distribution to the media in magnetic media format.

Why is it important to know we have a mobile version of our site and your news releases? Aside from the potential for reaching a larger audience, click-through rates are five to ten times higher than typical Web banner ads, and web and smartphone videos gain a captive and active audience that views videos in their downtime.

As a part of World Internet Marketing Inc.’s portfolio of affordable full-service offerings, Eworldwire delivers comprehensive in-house and on-site video production company services via its world-class VOXSI(TM) brand. Develop a presentation for your product, service or company that reflects your business image in the best light.

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