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EDGAR Connect(TM) Key Features

Key Features of EWORLDWIRE's EDGAR Connect™
About EDGAR Connect™
EDGAR Connect™ Filing Fees

  • We adjust documents for all SEC restrictions and validation requirements.

  • We ensure your documents are in compliance with the severe restrictions on the kinds of tags and HTML functions that can be used. It is important to adhere to these restrictions. Even a single discrepancy can cause the entire submission to be invalidated and rejected. A similar situation exists with the legacy format.

  • We ensure that active content is stripped from the converted files, so that there is no possibility of invalidation.

  • We adjust file names to conform to the SEC's stringent requirements.

  • We make sure that extended characters such as currency symbols, typographic elements and math symbols are correctly represented in the format approved by the SEC.

*Includes conversion from word processed and spreadsheet documents into the SEC preferred modernized EDGAR HTML (EDGAR II) or legacy ASCII format where required. Price is per standard 8 1/2"X11" page, 12 point font, standard margins before EDGAR formatting. Additional modification during or after editing: $12.50 per 15 minutes, $15 minimum.

Additional services available include conversion to Web-ready HTML, FTP to your Web site, storage and inclusion in an EWORLDWIRE Online Newsroom, conversion to and from PageMaker and PDF documents, printing and distribution to key people and shareholders. 


EDGAR Connect™

Eworldwire offers a full range of EDGAR filing and EDGAR formatting services using our own state-of-the-art proprietary system, and professionally-trained staff.  Your EDGAR filings are done electronically - you receive full confirmation when completed and filed with the SEC. Your EDGAR filings are posted to your Online NewsRoom at your option at NO EXTRA COST! Eworldwire also provides a FULL range of services for public companies for Investor Relations and to meet SEC compliance.

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EDGAR Connect™ Filing Fees

Per Document Filing and Transmission Fee. $125 - add per page rate.

  • Includes a Media and Investor Alert sent through the Small Cap News Wire (an Eworldwire Exclusive) at no additional cost.

  • FREE SEC mandated electronic filing and Web site posting for Forms 3, 4 and 5, and other EDGAR forms.

Call your Account Manager or partner today at 973.252.6800 to ask about EDGAR Connect and for a no-obligation free estimate and comparison, write us at EDGARATEWORLDWIRE.com or complete our form.