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C. J. Ford Private Investigations
211 S. State College Blvd. #343
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01/08/14  Edward Snowden Whistle Blowing Method Alternative Recommended by C.J. Ford Jr.
10/01/12  C. J. Ford Jr, C. J. Ford Private Investigations, Fights Against Orange County Board Of Supervisors and Alternate Defense Services: Discriminatory Practice Targeted at Pro Per Defendants
09/10/12  C.J. Ford Questions Judges Presence in Pro Per Cases in Alternate Defense Services
12/13/11  U. S. Supreme Court Considers C. J. Ford's Investigation as one of the Issues in Death Row Inmate can Fire Counsel
04/05/10  April 8: Orange County Justice System Likened to Bermuda Triangle - Indigent Pro Per Defendandts Go In and Don't Come Out
03/09/10  Orange County Superior Courts Good Ole Boys Club Exposed, According to C. J. Ford Jr.
09/15/09  Oct. 1: San Quentin Death Row's Kenneth Clair Steps Up to U.S. Appeals Court Showdown
06/29/09  Ninth Circuit Court's Reversal Of 47 Claims Assures Justice for California Death Row Inmate Kenneth Clair, Reports C.J. Ford
06/12/09  C.J. Ford Private Investigations Thinks the Orange County Central Court has a Bias Towards Pro Per Inmates
05/06/09  C. J. Ford Points to Results of DNA Tests to Assert Kenneth Clair's Innocence
06/23/08  For the Innocence Resolutions: A Different Approach in Solving Wrongfully Accused and Conviction-related Cases
06/23/08  C. J. Ford initiates Action against Prosecutional Misconduct with Justice Reform Committee
12/19/07  C. J. Ford Believes that Orange County Authorities Covered Up the Real Reason that DNA was Recently Run to Solve an Unsolved Case