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Press Release How To

If you’re at all inclined to be creative, you can write a press release about any aspect of your business and make it sound interesting – but if you’re like so many others, being creative can be elusive, and coming up with content – the right way, is a hurdle to overcome.

Ideas to Start With

When you’re looking for list of ideas, reference these. Combine any one of these below with our strategies to write and format it in a way that shows you are the professional in your market:

Promote Jointly

Partner or promote with another business or organization. Working together helps to build your credibility – the #1 issue you’ll have to overcome with media or the public who don’t know you or your business.

Conduct a poll or survey. Can you ask your customers questions that others in your community would be interested in hearing about? Tying your story into a local angle – if the survey includes enough area residents – becomes a near-guarantee of local journalist interest.

Issue a report. Have you performed research – or can you – that you can relate to your industry or area?

Arrange an interview with a celebrity. Does the famous face have strong name recognition?

Changing, adding or dropping distributors?

Ask for a testimonial. Video? Even better.

Promote You

Pursue speaking opportunities and engagements. Is there a local school or college that might have an interest in your business knowledge? Can you inspire or teach? Can you offer reprints of your speeches as an online incentive in exchange for an e-mail address?

Present new products or services, or discuss changes in your offerings. Are you being impacted by a changing economy? Are your prices staying the same or lowering?

Highlight facility openings, relocations or closings. What will these changes mean to others?

Bid on contracts. Showcase grants you’ve received or those you’ve sponsored.

Detail awards, honors or designations you’ve received or that you’ve tendered to others.

Conduct seminars designed to inform.

Your Company & Your Products/Services

Issue a position statement. How do you feel or how does your company feel about an issue of interest in the community or your industry? New regulations or laws?

Acknowledge gifts, honors (or contributions, with nonprofits). Who has acknowledged you and your business?

Issue in-depth profiles about the people in your organization. Spotlight a manager, products or causes you and your company support.

Provide service features. What details can you provide that are a how-to do something?

Create case studies. How has using your business impacted people or companies involved with you?

Identify product application stories. How are people using your products? Are they using them in new or unusual ways?

Form and announce names for committees. Are you beginning new initiatives – is your building going green or your staff undertaking community activity sponsored by your company?

Offer niche questions and answers. What kinds of questions are frequently asked about your company or industry that you can respond intelligently about?

Suggest interview questions. Are there questions that you uniquely can answer? Is there a niche in your industry that you have a very select skill set in?

Present an analysis or prediction. It’s difficult to be wrong on this one, because it is your opinion. We would recommend, however, that you consider the nature of your prediction, and that your analysis be supported by facts to enhance your credibility.

Can you designate an honor for a noteworthy institution?

Tie your business operations, products or services into a celebrated or popular month, week or day. This also creates context for your story, and it provides a more compelling reason to use your story with a specific timeframe that at some unknown time period a few years in the future.

Have you achieved a trademark or been published in a trade journal?

Write To Inform

Offer lists. Think of a list that ties to your business.

Follow or identify trends. Can you discuss what’s happening in your industry? In your community? Is there an increase or decrease? Facts and figures supported by cited sources go a long way in building credibility.

Offer a summary of industry facts. Are there recent data published that would be of interest to others in your industry?

Identify key company data at-a-glance. Can you fill in relatively unknown facts about your business?

Provide glossaries or handy checklists. Are there terms within your industry that are not widely known – where they came from? Can you create your own, perhaps tying into the Top Ten list concept?

Company directory information. Can you present key leaders, details about office locations?

Create news tie-ins. Are there widely known news events that you can comment on? Or take action on?

Is your business or are you participating in a local or more regional, or industry, trade show or event? Are you presenting or participating? What’s your role?

Truly unique positioning that makes a feature. Outrageous, unbelievable – never-before-done types of activities or offerings that when presented truly stand out.

Promote Employees

Announce an appointment, promotion or personnel change. When’s the last time you publicized new members joining your office team? What are their key specialties?

Discuss awards won, achievements or advanced qualifications attained by employees.

Establish new training programs for employees.

How frequently do you recognize longevity on your staff? Recognize retirements and length of employment, as well as anniversaries.

Celebrate a landmark anniversary. How long have you been at your current location? What are you doing to promote it? Can you present an award?

Recognize Customers

Recognize customers. Hold a competition or contest, and select the one who best describes how using your business has impacted them.

Stage a unique or special event. What are you doing to recognize your local volunteers? How are you acknowledging the public servants in your area?

Take part in a controversy. You’ll need to be careful with this one, since the controversy could backfire, turn off clients or hurt your business.

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