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Why EWORLDWIRE Services Cost Less

Why EWORLDWIRE Services Cost Less


We Just Get It.

We can’t say it any simpler. We just know what we are doing and how best to do it. No second guessing or learning on the job.

Our Own Network.

We built our own state-of-the-art wire network from the ground up, and we’re able and proud to say we’re the only wire service that has done it – the only one that owns its own network and does not need to buy time from others – nor wait in line. Our network is also the only wire service capable of full multimedia and wireless, as well as text, transmissions.

Focused on the Bottom Line.

We know how and where to spend wisely – No 52nd floor midtown Manhattan office but one within a short train ride away with all the same features and space in a really cool office to work in. No first class travel on our jets, but we still get to our destination at the same time as the people in the front of the plane. No $20,000 desks, but our desks are just as productive and visually appealing. That’s just the start of things our competitors have and we don’t that YOU pay for.

No Shareholders to Please.

Customer First. We are not publicly traded, charging you top dollar for products and services you don’t need or that don’t benefit you in any way. We don’t need to make a buck for our shareholders – we have none. We do not charge you $399 for a service that you can get for $99 or less. We are a rock-solid, profitable company of 14 years treating the customer – who keeps coming back – right.


If the saying, “Often imitated but never duplicated,” ever had a home, it’s here! We continue to innovate like no other, bringing new products and services to market. We’re focused on making things work better and more efficiently.

Technology, Technology and More Technology.

We invest in the latest and greatest technology and equipment. The things that make our service offering the best and your job easier allow us to pass the benefits and savings directly to you. Founded as a technology company, only the most current and up-to-date features are incorporated into our systems.

Efficiency and the Best Talent.

We attract and go after the best and brightest talent, and use them to make you shine. Just ask any of our clients or people in our industry. People who come here after working for our competition and others are amazed at how we can do the work of several people – yes, several – with one, using our proprietary software, tools and training.


Our communications are state of the art and so cost effective. In fact, our parent company owns its own telecommunications company and even its own telecom switches.


Only skilled professionals with a successful background in getting media coverage for clients staff our team.


Because we believe in this as our mantra, we’ve even trademarked the phrase. Learn more about how we can help you by calling us at +1-888-546-NEWS (6397).

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