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Why Use EWORLDWIRE News Wire?

What makes our press release distribution offerings the most effective in the industry?

To maximize your potential coverage, your news releases go direct to the writer or editor of whatever given subject your press release is about, instead of a general newsroom address.

Every press release you distribute using EWORLDWIRE is sent out in its full text format according the media’s preference, not just a headline bunched together with many others, which adds additional unnecessary steps (making it more difficult) for the media to get your content.

With a feature that costs thousands at competitors, we give you a complimentary Online NewsRoom to feature your business profile, your logo, and your complete contact information – a permanent, easy to manage home for each of your releases, available 24/7, so they’re available when the media needs them and a history of your company.

Your news releases are distributed to current industry contacts. Our staff of dedicated database specialists update our databases on a daily basis. We proactively seek media contacts, inviting them to use our service – we don’t wait for them to approach us.

We archive your release permanently for access anytime by the media or analysts – when a journalist wants to write a story, why keep them searching for the information they need? Somewhere along the way, you’ll lose them.

Our around-the-clock, 24-hour service ensures you get your message out in real-time. While most businesses distribute during regular domestic U.S. business hours, we handle sending out your press releases as needed 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week 365-days-a-year. Our systems and databases have full backups for uninterrupted service and your protection.

We maintain the largest custom media distribution databases in the world and offer custom translation and services through our global partners. We are backed by World Internet Marketing Inc., a full-service technology and marketing company in business since 1996.

We only qualified media. All recipients go through a rigorous qualification process to ensure they are legitimate, qualified journalists.

EWORLDWIRE offers refinement and customization at the lowest cost per recipient available. For each and every client, we create a custom database for a given distribution. We can import and merge your media contacts with your custom created database to ensure full total coverage. Ask us for further details.

Our expert team of press release writing professionals works to ensure your news releases show your company in its best light. We setup, proof and format every release at no additional cost to you.

When other services charge over $75 for a PDF of your news releases, we include this feature at no additional cost – including a .jpg logo. Along with the full complement of account features we offer, we have the resources in-house to develop a companion website or custom landing page for your product, service or online PR announcement. Contact us for details.

We offer Press Place, a unique service that brings together journalists with informative sources for their needs.

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